Shell Veneer (Sheet - Inlay)

Shell sheet or inlay is a light, flexible and versatile product, created from thin slices of real Mother of Pearl shells. The thin, flat veneer is ideal for decorative panels or more subtle inlays in furniture, jewellery and decor items.

Lumea offers over 40 designs and colours and our production includes a strict quality control system.

Resulting from an exceptionally high level of craftsmanship, Luméa veneers are created from our wide range of sustainably sourced Luméa shells. Our standard sheet range includes three forms - Coated, Uncoated and Flexible.

Shell Veneer Sheets

Shell Veneer Sheets information

Luméa Coated Veneer Sheets
Sealed and protected with a clear gloss or colour-tinted urethane which enhances the veneers strong natural colours and patterns. The back is coated with water-based acrylic paint which further intensifies the colour of the shell. A smooth sheet with the option of commercial grade adhesive backing.

Luméa Uncoated Veneer Sheets
Semi-opaque. When placed against a solid dark substrate such as wood, metal or plastic, the depth and vibrancy of the colours increase. Ideal for wooden inlay, the uncoated veneer can be sanded and coated to finish.

Luméa Flexible Veneer Sheets
Made by intricately fracturing an uncoated veneer with an adhesive backing. This fragile, fabric-like product can be applied to rounded or curved surfaces. Mostly smooth to touch with a natural sheen, no coatings are applied.

Lumea - Wholesale and Commercial

Luméa is the world’s leading shell materials business.

We supply to wholesale and commercial customers around the globe.

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Your project is unique, so we provide personalised advice before delivering worldwide from our studio in New Zealand or direct from our trusted partners overseas.

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Your project is unique, so we provide personalised advice before delivering worldwide from our studio in New Zealand.

Luméa products are made from natural shell with a variety of factors that affect form and function. If you can’t find the right product from within our range, then talk to us about our custom design service. We love to experiment and collaborate with our partners to create unique solutions.


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