Luméa is the world’s largest wholesale supplier of seashells from the South Pacific. Sustainably sharing the ocean’s beauty has been our business for more than 25 years.

Who We Are

Luméa is based in Riverton, New Zealand – a close-knit coastal community. In addition to processing over 80% of New Zealand's abalone shell harvest, we supply a range of shells from the South Pacific including White and Black Mother of Pearl, Trochus and Green Snail. Sustainable and ethical practices allow us to deliver high-quality products and our story of sustainability and beauty enhances the appreciation of all designs and products that use Luméa shells.

Ethical suppliers are key to ensuring the quality of Luméa shells. Specially chosen pearl farmers and fishermen from ocean-dependent communities are among our long-term partners based in countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and French Polynesia.

Our shells are hand-graded by people who have spent years understanding the calibre, weight and colours of each individual shell.

Our range includes unprocessed shells, shell pieces, veneers, tiles, buttons and blanks, shapes, beads, wild pearls and more. Luméa shells are used in fashion, furniture, and architectural design worldwide to connect people with nature through design. Our expertise with shell as a design material comes from both local knowledge and modern technology. Combining your creativity and manufacturing with our shells leads to beautiful results.

Luméa was founded in 1992 as a family–owned business. Since then, we have developed a diverse range of products and created an international reputation as shell experts.

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Tell us about your project...

Your project is unique, so we provide personalised advice before delivering worldwide from our studio in New Zealand.

Luméa products are made from natural shell with a variety of factors that affect form and function. If you can’t find the right product from within our range, then talk to us about our custom design service. We love to experiment and collaborate with our partners to create unique solutions.


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