White Mother of Pearl Veneer




Luméa Coated Veneers, known also as laminates, are sealed and protected on the front with a clear gloss or colour-tinted urethane (see colour options) which also enhances the veneers' strong natural colours and patterns. The back is coated with various water-based acrylic paints which give colour back to the thin shell. A smooth 0.3 mm thick sheet with the option of adhesive backing for effortless application. This veneer can be made from mosaic, triangular thin pieces of shell, or from thin strips of shell.



Luméa Uncoated Veneers are a thin 0.3 mm semi-opaque veneer sliced from our quality Luméa Shells. When placed against a solid light coloured substrate, the pearlescent qualities of the shell come to life.



Luméa Flexible Veneers are made by intricately fracturing a genuine uncoated shell veneer that has been applied to an adhesive backing. The flexibility provided allows users to apply to rounded or curved surfaces. Mostly smooth to touch with a natural sheen, no coatings are applied. The thickness is approximately 0.3 mm and is only available with adhesive backing.


  • Natural


  • Natural Gold Fleck

    Natural Gold Fleck

  • Natural Gold

    Natural Gold

  • Natural Galaxy Dark

    Natural Galaxy Dark

  • Natural Galaxy Light

    Natural Galaxy Light

  • Galaxy Gold

    Galaxy Gold

  • Pink Quartz

    Pink Quartz

  • Cobalt Blue

    Cobalt Blue

  • Amethyst Purple

    Amethyst Purple

  • Bronze


  • Cat's Eye

    Cat's Eye

  • Turquoise Green

    Turquoise Green

  • Citrine Yellow

    Citrine Yellow

  • Natural Aquamarine

    Natural Aquamarine


Designed for interior applications, veneers are a decorative feature which can be added to a wide range of surfaces and products to enhance and add value. Used in such things as furniture, artwork, and musical instruments, or for larger home furnishings. This sheet is brittle but can be carefully cut using a sharp craft knife or scissors into different shapes. For more intricate shapes, contact us for design and laser-cutting services.

The Uncoated Veneer form is used where a thicker veneer is required. They can be glued together to form a composite sheet, then, inlayed and sanded flush with the wood. You can apply a resin or wax finish to enhance the shells iridescence after application. This form also gives you the flexibility to apply your own coating if desired.

The flexibility of this product ignites creativity in artisans. It is best suited for those applications where flexibility is needed to bend around rounded or curved surfaces down to 1 cm diameter. Often used in home furnishings or to make fashion accessories and delicate apparel. The applications are limited only by imagination. To further enhance the shells natural iridescence, you can apply a coating after application.


300 x 300 mm (11.811" x 11.81")
200 x 200 mm (7.87" x 7.87")
230 x 130 mm (9.06" x 5.12")

300 x 300 mm (11.81" x 11.81")
200 x 200 mm (7.87" x 7.87")
230 x 130 mm (9.06" x 5.12")

230 x 130 mm (9.06" x 5.12")

Unique Properties


Shell is a natural product with a variety of factors that affect appearance. Your screen settings also affect the experience of the colours and appearance. Therefore, there is no guarantee it will be possible to achieve the exact appearance as what you see on this website. Certain characteristics of our products may be altered depending on storage conditions or their use in combination with other ingredients. This is beyond our control and we strongly recommend contacting us directly with specific enquiries and testing prior to use.

Tell us about your project...

Your project is unique, so we provide personalised advice before delivering worldwide from our studio in New Zealand.

Luméa products are made from natural shell with a variety of factors that affect form and function. If you can’t find the right product from within our range, then talk to us about our custom design service. We love to experiment and collaborate with our partners to create unique solutions.


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