Black Mother of Pearl (Pinctada margaritifera)

Black Mother of Pearl shells, the dark, silky gems from the South Seas are cultured in the lagoons of Tahitian and Cook Island atolls. This black lipped oyster shell, with its lustrous colouring, is world renowned.

Designers use the Black Mother of Pearl shells for interior decoration in the form of tiles and paneling, also in the fashion industry for high-end jewellery or pearl shell buttons.

Black Mother of Pearl

Black Mother of Pearl information

The Pinctada margaritifera oysters are cultured in a hatchery before going into crystal clear tropical lagoons. Historically each shell would have undergone two or three seedings before being harvested, however a recent change in operating practices has meant most Luméa Black MOP shells have been through only one seeding process when they are harvested. These shells tend to be smaller and thinner, but still with the beautiful vibrant peacock colouring.

About 90% of Luméa Black MOP shells originate on the pearl farms in Tahiti. The small Cook Island lagoon of Manahiki offers only small quantities in comparison to the many atolls of Tahiti. The best shells are from the most remote Tahitian islands of Rikitea, where they have to make the long journey in small boats to the main island for grading and export.

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