Lumea Trochus shell is of Pacific origin. It is sought after for its strong creamy nacre which is perfect for Mother of Pearl buttons and beads used in high end fashion, particularly shirting. Expert craftsman navigate the triangular shape of these shells to punch circular blanks from the shells. The most commonly used shell for Mother of Pearl shell buttons.
More recently the off cuts from buttons are being crushed and used to add a sparkle to bench top, flooring and pool aggregates.


Trochus information

Growing naturally on isolated atoll reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific oceans, this sea snail has a triangular or conical, spiraling shape and a camouflaging exterior which ensures it blends into the bright coral it grows alongside. The commercial trochus snail prefers the warm waters found in these equatorial regions. Luméa Trochus shells are prized for their creamy white pearlescent look. The spiraling nacre which protects the sea snail is thick and strong, perfect for processing.

Collected from the bottom of the atoll reefs by local families free diving, there is a legal minimum size of 8 centimeters in diameter. They collect them as a subsistence food source, the shell also providing a vital source of income for these local fishermen. It provides them with a means to buy fuel for their small boats, solar panels for their homes, educate their children, and get medical help. The local people have strong values around the sustainability of the trochus resource, being caretakers of the ocean that surrounds them for future generations to enjoy.

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