Is Shell Material Still Present In Shell Veneer Sheets?

Yes, shell material is the essential component of shell veneers. Shell sheets are produced in 3 stages, as shown on the picture. Firstly, each shell is cut into curved strips, 15mm to 20mm wide. The thickness of the strip varies from 1 to 3 mm. Secondly, from every curved strip, several flat shell feathers are sliced, reaching 0.1/ 0.2mm in thickness. At stage 3, the feathers are manually arranged into a regular pattern or a random pattern depending on the desired effect. Finally, all these feathers are bonded together with a glue, to form a sheet between 0.2 and 0.4mm thick. Some sheets are used without coating and in the natural colour of the shell. Coating and colouring are optional processes that can be added later to provide a range of look and feel. The final result is shown on the video below, after gloss coating.

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